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Anti Wrinkle Therapy Selsdon

Have you ever thought of making some subtle changes to your appearance? At Selsdon Smiles, we also offer a range of anti wrinkle therapy and derma filler treatments to enhance the appearance of your skin. To find out more, please see below for our FAQs. If you have anymore questions or want to book a treatment, please book below. 

Anti Wrinkle Therapy Selsdon FAQS

Anti wrinkle injections are predominantly used to improve the look of forehead lines, frown lines between the brows, laughter lines, crows feet at the corners of the eyes, and even to erase ‘bunny lines’ on the side of the nose.

This particular treatment involves a type of botulinum toxin being injected directly into the muscles between the brows or other areas being treated.

Lines form when muscle activity is over used. Our treatments are non-surgical treatments that work by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. The treatment involves reducing muscle activity, making the overlying skin to appear smooth and line free. We also work on relaxing frown lines between the brows, smoothing out crows feet and laughter lines and overall improving appearance of skin.

Within three to five days of treatment, the appearance of frown lines and other treated areas will be dramatically improved. Our aim is to ensure your skin will appear smoother and fresh. The untreated facial muscles then work as usual to allow the normal facial expression to be unaffected by the treatment.

Side effects are rare, there may be some minimal bruising following treatment. Occasionally, patients experience a mild headache or some temporary numbness that should quickly pass.

The effects can last for three to four months. After this, we suggest coming in for repeat injections. After several treatments, the effects will begin to last longer and repeat treatments may only be required every six months. 

1. Area: £150
2. Areas: £190
3. Areas: £275

Consultation: £50 (This will be discounted from treatment if patient proceeds.)

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