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At Selsdon Smiles in South Croydon, we offer a broad range of dental and hygiene treatment services done by licensed dentists.

Here, you can have our high-standard aesthetic dentistry and dental surgery services to guarantee excellent dental health. Located in South Croydon and covering the surrounding areas, we have experienced people’s dental necessities and requirements. With years of expertise in this field, we aim to provide every individual with practical and healthy dental solutions, endeavouring good dental health. With increasing knowledge at the dentist, we have fortunately secured a reputation for ourselves, presenting a range of dental services while operating with a team of dedicated and qualified dental members. You can also contact us for other treatments, including Anti-Wrinkle Treatments (Botox).

Dentists in South Croydon
Local Dentists in South Croydon

Specialised Private Dentists in South Croydon

At Selsdon Smiles, we work with an exceptionally equipped team of private dentists who combine excellent, state-of-the-art practices and dental techniques, giving in-depth detail to oral hygiene. The specialists are welcoming, kind, enthusiastic, and devoted to their work, providing fast and excellent patient-focused services. The patients at South Croydon can visit us for consultations and get our assistance for long-lasting solutions. Be it gum pain, cosmetic dentistry, or general teeth surgery, you can rely on us for efficient treatment and quick results.

Suppose you are suffering from continuous dental pain; you can consult us for dental solutions such as  InvisalignDental ImplantsDentures, and other treatment methods. Located in the heart of South Croydon, our dentists diagnose and assess the problem correctly before continuing with any medical procedure. Lastly, we apply our techniques to provide you with long-term respite.

We host a caring ambience for our patients at South Croydon; we are skilled at managing older and younger patients. We assure to provide them with a friendly and relaxed environment.

Because Your Smile Matters The Most- To You and Us!

Your individual and charming smile deserves our special attention. Maintaining our patient needs is essential; we promise to care for your teeth, leaving behind no issues. We further have a team of emergency dentists who provide quick and efficient services, even during odd hours. The walk-in emergency facility at Selsdon Smiles is entirely operating for patients who need urgent dental care.

Teeth Examination

The patients have to book an appointment with the dentists, and they will give you medical suggestions before and after proceeding with a visual examination of your teeth.

Discussing Patient Goals

The dentist examines your existing dental health condition before moving forward with any treatment. They will question your oral history and other physical ailments to give you an appropriate treatment option.

Comprehensive Dental Treatment At Selsdon Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry

We use brand new methods of repairing your dental health using high-end equipment and other advanced technology. This includes Teeth Whitening, Smile Makeover, Tooth Fillings, Gum Line Correction and more

Private Dentists in South Croydon
General Dentists in South Croydon
General Dentistry

Producing a regular cleaning habit is one of the simplest methods of keeping your dental and oral health intact. You can also seek support from our professional dentists to bring back your teeth’s appearance, shape, and structure. Our proactive strategy combined with preventive dental care assists you in treating Crowns and Bridges, performing surgical extractions, child and sedation dentistry and more. Come to us for routine dental checkups and benefit from our professional dental advice and suggestions.

Specialist Dentistry

Our extensive spectrum of specialised dentistry includes treating everything, from tooth loss to other superior surgical methods. We are an expert in periodontal dentistry, assisting with healing gum and tooth infections, if any. The build-up of plaque leads to periodontitis and, if left untreated, the bacteria will intensify, the condition worsens, and calculus starts to develop. With urgent consultations from dentists, you can prevent severe tooth decay and other probable conditions common with unhygienic teeth.

Dentists Near Me in South Croydon
Preventive Dentists in South Croydon
Tooth Whitening Service and Invisalign

Achieve white and bright teeth with our specialised dentistry, which are manageable, within budgetary, and very effective. You can notice accurate, positive results and get back the courage to smile healthy and happy, especially with Teeth Whitening and Invisible Braces. Invisalign are better and improved compared to traditional metal braces. You can wear them conveniently without any trouble, completely correcting teeth and gum positioning.

Accordingly, we perform the most modern improvements in implant dentistry to intensify your smile and stop infections. These varieties of treatments make it convenient for those in South Croydon to enter our proactive treatment options and experience long-term benefits from the result. 

Why Choose Selsdon Smiles?

The quality of dental treatment matters when it comes to managing your oral health. Here, we implement customised solutions. We never compromise on quality; instead, we concentrate on extending our services to surpass your expectations. We operate state-of-the-art technology for improved dental treatment bringing instability, durability and support. We also provide Emergency Dental treatments and examinations, keeping in mind the patient’s satisfaction.

We preserve complete clarity with our clients, guaranteeing that they benefit from our effective solutions in the longest run. Our highly trained dental experts offer a seamless diagnosis for several kinds of oral health problems.

The other advantages and benefits of working with us are as follows –

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